What is slotracing? Generally in slotracing you drive a car in a slot. Speed is the value to be adjusted. The lane guides car to the right direction. If you drive too fast car will deslot and marshall have to put car back to the lane. The race lasts defined time and driver who has most laps in that time is the winner!

Cars will be lined up before the race


At the car there is a chassis, one direct current motor, body frame, tyres and guide flag. The cars scale is 1/24. some values:

Weight 60-80g
Power 0,5-1,5hp
Top speed 80-150km/h
Price 150-300€

G7 Car


G7 = The King of cars. Only dimensions of car defined
OMO = Same as G7, but only one motor / race is allowed
G27 = Motor is defined, little slower than G7
G12 = Motor is defined, much slower than G7. Class for beginners


Track is wooden, eight laned and six curved (Blue King) device. Normal lap lenght is 45 meters. The power for the cars is normally provided by 1,5kW power supply. Lap counting system is computer controlled. Race voltages vary from 12,5V - 16V

Good Old Mönsterås Track


Contoroller is device to fine adjust cars speed. The voltage is the value to adjust. Higher the voltage, higher the speed. Coarse adjustments are carried out by using Choke. Choke drops voltage only a little when comparing to the controller. Normally controller is based to robust transistor and there is sensitivity and brake pots. Price for new controller varies from 60€ to 350€. Typical price of choke varies from 50€ to 300€.

Widely used relay controller choke

Very common Difalco transistor controller


At the very beginning of the race there is Qualification. Drivers have defined time to try make as fast lap as possible. By Qualification results drivers will be divided to heats.

After qualification is over all cars will be collected to the closed area (parc ferme). Every driver have equal time to work on with the cars between the sections of the race. Every heat has certain, in forehand chosen marshalls.

During the heat driver drives defined time in each of eight lanes. Between the lanes there is lane change time. The driver who has most laps at the end is the winner. Drivers may work on with the cars during the race and lane change periodes. For each heat move up will be made by certain amount of drivers, there will be no lucky loosers.

Race goes like this untill only eight drivers are left. These eight drivers will drive final and the driver whom get most laps at this last stage is the BIG winner!

The race is ending