11.5.2017Rulebook revision 2017 added to rules & proceedings section
4.4.2017Rulebook revision for Worlds 2017 hosted by Bluekingclug, Germany to be published soon!
4.4.2017Minutes book from 2016 and 2017 meeting are added
4.4.2017Championship section updated with new champions and all classes having EC value added
25.2.2014Rulebook revision 2014 + minutes from ESROC meeting 2013 published. Rules will be also used at the Worlds 2014.
8.3.2012Rulebook revision 2012 published, only major change in hub rule when compared to 2011B revision
26.2.2010G12 cars have to comply with Finnish G12 rules. Rules in a nutshell: Chassis: only steel chassis allowed, Motor: Followed manufacturer parts allowed: B52, BOW, Cahoza, Camen/TWP, Hershman / Fastones, Kelly / Red Fox, Koford, Mura, Proslot / Champion, RJR, Viper. Only single magnets allowed, armature stack may not exceed 0,500". If you have more questins about the rules, please ask from the president or the race organizer.
26.2.2010G12 Race in 2010 Euros will be driven by followed Sprint race format: Spray glue conditions. 30s Qualifying at race power if there is less than 24 drives there will be then three semis and final. From each semi two best have quaranteed move up and two lucky loosers. Then final. If there is 25 or more drivers there will be four semis and final. From each semi two best will move up. Then final. Driving times and lane changes as it is said in rulebook.
26.2.2010Rulebook 2010 published
19.12.20092010 rulebook will be published soon
19.12.2009Some bugs fixed at the rulebook page
2.1.2009Pages Opened!